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We have exclusive deals with an enviable client list of experienced celebrity cosmetic doctors, who offer advanced 1-2-1 teaching sessions to other colleagues. 


Many of our training & product launch events focus on the performance of the product meaning the right models regularly receive additional treatments.


We only work with accredited courses and qualified professionals.  As a Neweru model, your always in safe hands.

For Models

At Neweru Models our main goal is to help people who want to have injectable treatments such as  dermal fillers and thread lifts be safe when looking for affordable options.

The models who undergo treatment with us know we are synonymous with care, quality and safety. 

The majority of clients we send our models to are either long term clients that come to us exclusively to help find models for their cosmetic courses. 

When a new client approaches us for models they must agree to a code of conduct that request models are treated with the highest standards of care. 

We take great pride that all our models experience quality service, considerable savings, luxury products and smile inducing results.

Is this for you?

Our most successful training models are those who are already receiving aesthetic treatments and are looking to minimise treatment costs without affecting the high quality of their treatment experience.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t join us if you are looking to upgrade your beauty regime with medical grade anti ageing treatments like thread lifts or permanent make up & dermal fillers, safe in the knowledge that your treatments will be guided by the world’s best aesthetic trainers and teachers.

These are the same practitioners that treat A-List celebrities and royalty, so you know you will be getting the best, for a fraction of the cost.

- FAQ's -

We cover all aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers for lip enhancements to anti wrinkle injections, widely known as Botox. We have a high requirement for models who want cheek fillers, thread lifts and tear trough fillers.

The majority of our clients use Botox for anti-wrinkle injections and Juvederm for dermal fillers. If another brand will be used, models will be advised by their model scout.

You can ask them yourself!  When you join as a Botox Training Model, you will be added to our private Facebook group where all our models discuss assignments, treatments and leave their testimonials.

All our client contracts stipulate only one person should treat any one of our models at any time. The only exception is when the teacher chooses to complete the treatment to ensure the model leaves the session happy with the results.

As a trusted and experienced agency we check that, where appropriate, all injectable treatments are performed by registered medical professionals. That is; qualified dentists, nurses, doctors and surgeons.

Our network of professional training schools and pharmaceutical companies operate in every major city in Europe.

Our Models come in all shapes and sizes. Men and women over the age of 21 are encouraged to apply to join the agency.

All you have to do is complete this form and one of our model scouts will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve from your skincare and anti aging goals. A personalised assignment plan will be created for you to ensure you receive updates on assignments that are suitable for you.

Each client we work with offer different model rates, though you can be confident you will be paying the best model rates available.

Due to our strong relationships with our network of professional and pharmaceutical companies we are asked to supply training models for all types of aesthetic treatments such as, but not limited to, Botox® dermal fillers for lips, cheeks, marionette lines, tear troughs, jawline and others areas,  laser treatments, mesotherapy, chemical peels, thread lifts and fat dissolving treatments.

When we created this agency over 10 years ago we decided that our operating principles would be simple; never take on a client that we wouldn’t be happy to treat us or our mothers. The models should receive such a great experience that they will have no choice but to spread the word and recommend us to friends, family members and co-workers. We’re proud to say that our 40,000 member database of sisters, aunties, mums, grandmothers, cousins, brothers and in laws is testimony to that fact that our agency cares about you and all members of our model family.

Each model assignment is different, but essentially yes. If we have a qualified suitable trainee who can safely perform the treatment, then your model scout can book you in for multiple treatments on the day.

That’s not a problem. Please inform your model scout at your earliest opportunity. We would not want anyone who is unsure about a treatment to proceed.

All treatments carry risk. During your in depth consultation, all the risks and rewards will be explained to you in full.

We deal with all aftercare. All models will be given an aftercare leaflet regardless of which treatments you had. Our model scouts are available to you 24 hours a day so you can get in touch with us at any time.

Complete the form and wait for a call from your model scout who will put together a treatment plan for you. Your model scout will keep you informed of all assignments that fit into your plan.

- Why us? -

As well as the enjoyment of knowing you are receiving world-class aesthetic treatment for a fraction of the price, we ensure that you, as a model, will receive a great experience and guarantee that you are happy with your results.

Every single one of our clients are fully vetted to ensure the highest standard of professionalism for both clients and models.

Working with such a high level of clientele means that our models are treated professionally and courteously at all times.

Our extensive background checks ensure we are only working with the best clients.

Each class is personal and intimate, with no more than 3 students in each session.

- Some of our treatments -

Chin Fillers

Helping to shape the facial profile, Chin Fillers enhance the overall appearance of a weakened chin without affecting the composition of other facial features.

Nose To Mouth Lines

Rejuvenate the lower facial area with dermal filler injections to correct the folds made around these areas.

Botox Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to prevent lines and wrinkles developing or to soften established wrinkles.

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